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Steamcream Design a Tin Competition 2013

I`ve just entered this design competition! In this competition there is the chance to get your image printed on the Steamcream limited edition aluminium packaging. This would be really cool! Please help me get my design to the final by voting for it. I really appreciate your help! One vote per image per day! BIG THANK YOU! Here is my entry.


There are a lot of competition going on which I think are a really great way of getting your work noticed in the world out there. The rewards are mostly not really good but you have to start somewhere and this is a great chance to get your design recognised worldwide, so I had a go at the
Brabantia competition and added two of my designs for their global canister range

Please like the designs if you do 🙂
“Two Hearts”
are my submissions.
Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else who entered!

ta daaaahhh! Cushion cover!

I made this cushion today using my self designed fabric that I ordered from ! There`s a lot of white on that design and I can see it already ….banana, chocolate, milk… the unwashed little fingers from my daughter on it. But I made a zipper opening on the bottom so I can remove it for washing:-) I also did some more research and will have a try now with  and stoff for another textile print with another design to compare the quality….Proud of my very first designed and sewed cushion I rest my head on it now!

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