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I’m taking part in my first Blog Hop! In a Winter Christmas Blog hop!


Some of my classmates from the Make it in Design Course which I took in summer are taking part in a Winter Christmas Blog Hop! It’s from 1-8th November and you’ll see my classmates and my christmas work on our homepages.

Enjoy the winter wonderland christmas journey on our blogs! Get into the spirit of Christmas! Hope to see you there!

A little bit of sewing…

Yesterday I spent a little time sewing… and I finished a small bag which is perfect for carrying all your stuff with you in your handbag… or for your make up…or other small things…Cherry-Täschchen_01 Cherry-Täschchen_02

It closes with a red zip at the top and there is a woven Perunoto label in the side.


I used my cherry fabric design which I got printed at If you love this fabric, a cushion cover and this small useful bag is now available in my DaWanda shop…Have a look if you like! Cherry-Täschchen_Detail_02 Cherry-Täschchen_Detail_03 Cherry-Täschchen