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Great articles about Surtex

I’m reading inspiring blog posts and great articles about Surtex and their Experiences there from my fellow students of the ABSPD Course at the moment…

Surtex is one of the largest art licensing trade shows in the United States and is held in New York once a year. Ooohh dream…I’m hoping to go to Surtex in the next few years and show my work, too! The costs are expensive so I am happy to get to know the Cultivate Art Collectivevia Aileen Tu. They actively support artists and their members can share a booth and the costs for the booth at Surtex which makes it easier and more affordable for small fishes like me 🙂 And the best thing for me is that from 2015 on you do not need to be there in person, the team of the “Cultivate Art Collective” presents you and your work there. My big goal for the next two years! I got so much great information from Aileen’s blog post and many questions are answered now! Thank you Aileen for reviewing yourself what to improve for your next show and for sharing and giving so many great tips!

Also Flora Waycott writes a lot of interesting things about Surtex and she shares a lot of photos about other great booths and designs and products on her blog. She flew all the way from New Zealand just to see the show and for being a helper at Victoria Johnson’s  amazing stand to gain experiences for her own booth which she loves to have there next year, and I’m sure she will do great then!

Victoria’s Surtex post review is also so very inspiring! Congratulations on this very successful show for you! If you fancy, go over to their blogs! I love their work!


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