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Make your own hexagon gift packaging box

Make your own hexagon gift packaging box for small christmas presents – handprinted with your handmade stamps!


  • paper (I used 300g/qm paper/white)
  • ruler
  • scissor
  • glue
  • stanley knife
  • bone folder
  • pencil
  • rubber or carving stamp block
  • linocut tool
  • inkpad
  • ribbon
  •  and a cutting board


Take your paper and cut out a rectangle, size: 25cm x 15 cm. Draw a grid: two horizontal lines: 3,5cm from bottom and top, vertical lines: 1 cm from left hand side, then every 4 cm. After that, use your bone folder and score every line. Take a scissor and cut out the two small rectangles at the left hand side on the top and bottom.

IMG_2627Now cut along all the vertical lines shown in pink below:

IMG_2627Now it’s time for the stamps:

Take your linocut tool and your rubber or carving stamp block. Use a pencil and draw your motif onto the block, take your linocut tool and cut it out! Be careful > work away from your body and take care of your fingers! Once you are satisfied, turn around the paper and STAMP!


Once the ink is dry, turn the paper around and fold every line to the inside. Then use your glue and bring your box together (put a small line of glue on the 1 cm area and stick left and right side together).


Now you can fill your handmade small gift box with your personal present and close it, fold it like shown below:


Make a bow with a nice ribbon and hat’s it! Have fun while making your own little christmas packaging box! Enjoy!








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