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Superjuju is a great cute shop in Stuttgart where I could be for hours!


It`s jam packed with beautiful things, gifts, books, bags, deco items, art, childrens wear, things for mums, toys…E V E R Y T H I N G! It’s really a great shop with a nice owner and there`s an online shop as well if you’re not nearby…!

Perunoto-for-Superjuju Perunoto-for-Superjuju-2

Since this afternoon you can buy some of my Perunoto paper products there too! I’m H A P P Y …and proud to see my products in between all these great things there…! I’ll pamper myself this evening with a cold delicious drink in the sunny garden:-)

The shop is at Olgastrasse, S-Mitte, so when in Stuttgart, go there and check it out!
Olgastr. 56, 70182 Stuttgart, Mo-Fr: 12-19h, Sat: 11-15h

What else makes me happy today? My little daughter is coming back from a few days and nights at my parents place, can’t wait to see her! Today is a good day!

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