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Things you can do with Perunoto Paper…

Hi! I show you how you can use Perunoto paper to make an old box unique and beautiful!

Perunoto DIY-Box_06

 You need:

-one old box/shoe box
-Perunoto wrapping/deco paper

Perunoto DIY-Box_01

Simply cut out  and make an old box unique and beautiful!

Measure the sides of the box one after another and cut out your Perunoto wrapping paper according to your measurements. Use glue to stick the paper to all sides of the box.

Perunoto DIY-Box_02

The colour of my old shoe box is a nice warm grey which looks good next to my wrapping paper. So I cut out all of the rectangles a little bit smaller than the individual sides of the box that there is still room left to the corners of the box.

Perunoto DIY-Box_03

I used Marabu – Fixogum. It’s a great glue for crafting because after bonding materials, excess amounts of glue can be removed with the finger. It’s a natural product based on rubber latex and organic solvents…and bonded materials do not buckle…

Perunoto DIY-Box_04

You’re done! It’s so much prettier now than the uncovered old shoe box!

Perunoto DIY-Box_05

Quick & easy to make! Try it and have fun!

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