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this was Beatbasar 2014

Last weekend I was in Heidelberg where I had a booth at the local beatbasar.

Together with my good friend I presented and sold my products for the very first time.  (I send a special thanks to you!)

For the first market I had decided to sell my printed wrapping paper along with notebooks and greeting cards. I also got my patterns printed on fabric and sold handmade cushion covers and pencil cases. This market has been a lot of work but really fun for me! (There was no good light in there, sorry for the bad pictures, that was the best I could take:-) )

Beatbasar-Heidelberg2 Beatbasar-Heidelberg1

My really nice booth neighbours told me that there were not so many visitors like all the years before which was sad, because like I said it was my first market experience. But the people who were there liked my stuff and style a lot and I got a lot of heartwarming compliments from them. And almost everybody took a business card.

I want to say THANK YOU to all who supported me that day!!!

I show you some pictures of my booth and some more impressions from the market…

Beatbasar-Heidelberg3Beatbasar-Heidelberg4  Beatbasar-Heidelberg5 Beatbasar-Heidelberg6 Beatbasar-Heidelberg7 Beatbasar-Heidelberg8

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  1. Hallo Petra,

    mein Gott, mein stand seiht chaotisch aus;). Danke, dass du davon ein Foto gezeigt hast, ha!
    Ich habe leider keine gemacht. Und da ich alleine da war, konnte ich mir leider auch nur kurz die Stände in meiner Umgebung anschauen. Deiner war auf alle Fälle sehr schön!
    Wie du siehst, habe auch einen Blog. Falls du Lust hast, kannst du mal vorbei schauen und beim Gewinnspiel mitmachen …

    LG Nicola


  2. Fand deinen Stand gar nicht chaotisch! War gut. Das muss an der Perspektive vom Bild liegen:-)


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