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Tschau Tschüssi Shop – my first stockist!

I am so happy to announce that a beautiful shop, the “Tschau Tschüssi ” Shop in Leipzig will stock some of my Perunoto products!!

Tschau tschüssi shop Leipzig

Tschau tschüssi shop Leipzig

I brought a parcel to the post office this morning and hope all the things will arrive undamaged there! So for the very first time you can soon buy some of my products in a shop, exciting!!! .. I had  a nice Email conversation with Miriam, the owner of the shop who is happy to receive three different kinds of wrapping paper, some greeting cards, patterned notebooks, cushion covers, small bags/pouches and utensilos from me. It’s my first stockist and she has so much other great stuff in her shop that I’m super excited  that soon you can see my patterned products among them !! Thank you!

Perunoto patterned products


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  1. Congratulations! The products all look wonderful! Did you make everything yourself or do you get them made somewhere?


    • Most of them I made by myself but the wrapping paper for instance is printed by an eco friendly printing company here in germany…Thank you Aileen!


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